Friday, September 26, 2008


Ok, so I'm driving to work this morning thinking about what I was going to blog about today (other than my usual thankful post) and I got to wondering.. why? Again with eternal questions I know. But seriously, why? Why do I like raspberries better than strawberries? Why do people drive the way they do? Why does earth smell .. well.. earthy?
The question I was really wondering about tho is "Why blog?" Do we blog for ourselves? And if so, then why do we pass along links to our blog sites? OR do we blog for others? And if that's the case, again, I must pose the question.... Why?? I've not found a suitable answer other than maybe I blog for others because I'm infinitely interested in peoples interest and thoughts on .. well .. my thoughts I guess. And that brings forth yet another question.. Are bloggers self centered? I don't think I want to touch that one :)

Today's Thankful Thoughts:
  • Forever and always, my fiance, the love of my life
  • Friday afternoons
  • Soft baby yarn
  • Clear, cold drinking water
  • The love of God

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NodakNitter said...

I blog for me to sort through my thoughts...I'm a very visual person, so seeing them in front of me helps a lot. I also blog so that others might believe me when I tell them I'm crazy! :o)