Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Morgan

Dear Morgan,

Today would have been your 11th birthday. I can imagine how beautiful you would be. I can see your smiling face glowing with joy at the sight of a big cake burning with candles. Your long beautiful hair pulled to the side so that you could bend over and blow out the candles. I wonder what wish you would make this year. Would you wish for world peace? Or something more attainable like a new cell phone? Or maybe a family vacation? I will never know.

I hope in heaven you are celebrating with the Lord and that he will give you big birthday hugs and kisses from me. I'm sure they will be more sweet than anything I can imagine.

I will see you again, my beloved daughter, and until then I will keep you in my heart.



1 comment:

rgallant said...

Oh Bev,
I'm so sorry for you. May Morgan rest peacefully until you meet again.